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Jacobs Ladder- Ring Ring (7" Single) CLEARANCE

Image of Jacobs Ladder- Ring Ring (7" Single) CLEARANCE

$3.00 - On Sale

Hear JACOBS LADDER for the first time on vinyl. This pressing is limited to 500 copies (250 in orange/250 in yellow).

JACOBS LADDER recorded their new Vinyl/Single "Ring Ring" this fall. Three tracks they recorded w/Carlos de la Garza and one track with Cyrus Bolooki of New Found Glory. Guest keys we're performed by Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta and guest vocals by Ras Emmanuel.

1) Ring Ring Featuring Ras Emmanuel
2) The Silence (Keys Ikey Owens)
3) Lighthouse (Keys by Cyrus Bolooki)
4) The Life (Keys by Ikey Owns)

(Note: While the set has not been discounted, realize shipping will be cheaper because the ship charge will be the same.)

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